Saturday, August 10, 2013

God’s Assessment of Me…

What if, tomorrow God sent us all a meeting invite with the subject line: Your Life Review, Done by God. How would we react? How would we prepare? Most of us have had our quarterly or yearly review done by our boss or the HR department, but by God? I know it might seem silly but it got me to thinking about my life. And by writing this I hope it gets you to think about yours.

As we know, every good assessment has categories and areas that need to be discussed so that the assessment looks at the most important aspects of what we do in our jobs. But what would God assess? How would (s)he determine if we are achieving success? What is success in God’s eyes?

I don’t know but my guess is God would focus on three categories; Kindness Toward Others (KTO for all of you metric acronym types), Service To Others (STO), and Living Up To God Given Potential (LUTGGP). I think most of us could quickly make a case for the first two measurements and discuss with God the plan we have to do better, but the third measurement is the one that had me thinking and perplexed, LUTGGP. The first thing that came to mind for me was: what are my God Given Skills? And even though I may not have all of the skills I need to be who I want to be - do I have the potential to be that person? You see, it does start to get interesting!

What do I believe was God’s plan for me? I believe we all have a purpose here on earth so we must have been given a plan? Not the step by step type plan but as a pirate might say, “More like guidelines.” What would God say about my potential, and have I lived up to it? Would he say, “Rich, I had so many hopes for you, and it seems you have steered away from every one of the things I gave you the skills to be.” Or would she say, “Rich, you have really taken the lemon of a life I gave you and made lemonade!”

If something is burning in our belly and we conveniently find ways to ignore it, what would God say? “I have given you the passion because I know you have the GGP (God Given Potential in case you forgot) but you have ignored it. Why?” “I did not place the fear there, you did.” “Why do you fear what you desire to do with your life?”

The older we get, the more we seem to reflect on the past. It may be that we just have more past to reflect on, but can it also be that we want to make a positive impact and know time is running out? I am not being doomsday(ish), I just know that time keeps going and we can’t stop time. Someday it will run out for all of us- is all I am saying.

Are we going to be ready for our assessment? Will we have a positive tale to tell? The tale can be as simple as volunteering to help the elderly or disabled. The tale could be you’re a great coach for your kid’s team. It could simply be being the best husband or wife, father or mother you can be. It could be setting your kids up for a bright future, or reading to kids that need help to get to that bright future.

I was just thinking and I thought I would share these thoughts with you. Is that part of my potential? I don’t know but I have a lot of fire in the belly type of things I am and will pursue. I hope I, and you pass the assessment if one ever comes… I hope we all get the promotion!

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