Monday, March 3, 2014

What to do? Lessons of Ukraine

Let’s be clear here, this is a very complex issue with many angles that need to be considered before making threats or knee jerk reactions. I leave my mind open to additional facts about the situation but there are some comments that need to be made on the current state of affairs.

The world and the Ukraine is a more dangerous place because we, the United States have left a vacuum of leadership in the world. Our President’s failure to engage in the world while he destroys the domestic economy has sent a clear message to the evil despots in the world. There is no longer a “world’s police force.” Whether you agree that we should be or not, that is not the point. Our position on the world stage has been a stabilizing force but no longer. The message is the world is open for plunder.

There is evil in the world even if you wish there was not. This administration is a product of the sixties hippies that believe in peace, love, and flower power. The problem is there is no peace without leadership, hard work building allies, and military strength. There is no love when you preach hate throughout the world. This president spends his time dividing this nation and the world by continually apologizing for things that he believes we need to confess to like military dominance. In his view our military dominance is not a source of good but one of evil. He is mistaken. Evil is a weed and to think that flower power is enough to make the world a better place is to underestimate the roots of evil.

The Ukraine is on the Black Sea and Russian military bases are located there. If Russia decided to build a base next to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba would we react? If we didn’t then we would be a fool. Ukraine also has a large Russian population having been part of the former Soviet Union and there is a lot of support for Russia in many parts of the Ukraine. So the Ukraine is divided in the revolution that unseated the elected Prime Minister. He did make some attempts to undermine the democratic processes but that is an internal Ukraine issue.

If Russia invades Ukraine we have a pact with Ukraine to support their independence. Our options are limited because we have been retracting from the world stage. We are reducing our military footprint at a time we need a more effective military. We have options but they are not military at this time.

So what do we do about the Ukraine? We use it to understand how ineffective this administration is and start the process to remove this president before it’s too late here in America. We should send our naval fleet to Cuba and remove the Russian ship that is in Cuba right now. We need to throw out the democrats and republicans that have allowed the US budget to be ignored for the past six years.

We need to use the Ukraine as a lesson of what true leadership in the world means and elect adults to the office of president and to congress. The US has no stomach for war and should not get involved in Ukraine at this time. We need to rebuild our political process to remove the enemies of America and rebuild our military might to stabilize the world again. Don’t be fooled that it is too late. It is never too late until it’s over.

America is not over but it has let down its guard and elected enemies of the state… We can change that and the Ukraine is showing us we need to do it now…

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