Monday, February 24, 2014

Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State…

This six part series (Netfix) should be required viewing for every High School civics/history class. It is a powerful reminder of the evil that is capable by group think and government. This film proves that anything is possible if a government becomes too powerful and that even if most people believe “that can’t happen here”, it can happen anywhere!

It is amazing to me how people dismiss arguments made by conservatives like me that the government must be held to the constitutional limits our founders set forth in the law of our land. When people are allowed to use government as a weapon against individuals it has become too powerful. What do I mean by a weapon? By taking from one group to give to another group simply because one group has earned more income, that is a weapon. To give ambassadorships, contracts, and tax credits to businesses that align with a politicians views, or people that have donated to a political campaign, you have a situation where the government becomes a weapon against individual Americans.

It is a myth to think the Nazi’s aligned more with the conservative “right wing” than the progressives of today. The Nazis used the hatred of groups to move their evil intentions forward. The Nazis despised the individual and used propaganda to rally groups into supporting the most evil intentions of modern times: the extermination of a race of people. Progressives today distrust individuals to make the right decisions. They use the government to silence speech they disagree with and to promote propaganda that entrenches power in the central government. Progressives use taxation to pit groups against each other like the “rich” and the “poor.” Leftists believe they need to control the minds of the children and hate home schooling or any schooling they can’t control.

When you watch this gut wrenching documentary you can’t help but keep asking yourself; where was the outrage? Where was the resistance outside the Jewish community? Where were the individuals speaking out against all of this evil? The answer becomes painfully clear: no one could believe this was happening; even the Jews that were the target of the evil. This evil was perpetuated because people ignored it, and could not believe people could be that evil or believed the propaganda that it was all the problems were the fault of the Jews.

Today we have an administration that is rewarding friends and punishing enemies by using the power of the government. This administration is spying on Americans and ignoring the 4th amendment. We are seeing the constant vilification of conservative groups for resisting the expansion of bureaucratic and political power and using the IRS to target them. There is a constant drum of envy, jealousy, and demonization of the “rich.” We have the media unwilling to question the policies or corruption of this administration. There is a constant assault on the 2nd amendment and a blatant attempt to disarm law abiding citizens while ignoring unlawful behavior.

When you pay attention you realize how easily groups of people can justify almost any behavior. The propaganda is so prevalent it helps you understand how the former SS agents at Auschwitz could justify their actions and role in working in “death factories.”  It shows you that the human survival mechanism is so strong it can justify almost any behavior.

The lesson of Auschwitz is that no evil is beyond the human condition. The only remedy to that is to speak out well before the evil reaches the point that instills fear or retribution in the good people. The insurance of a well -armed individual citizenry against the evil of governments must be maintained. If the Jews had weapons would Hitler have succeeded? The lesson and the power of our US Constitution that empowers individuals over groups is why freedom has been so successful here in America. We must keep our eye on every politician and remain a Constitutional Republic in order to counter the elements that made Auschwitz a possibility…

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