Monday, February 10, 2014

Is Work Optional?

It is becoming apparent that our current administration and many members of the left in this country have a different view of work from what most Americans grew up believing. The left believes that one of the “benefits” of Obamacare is that people no longer have to worry about working in order to have health insurance. The left keeps expanding welfare; Medicaid, food stamps, section 8 housing, school lunch, expanded early childhood education, expanded post education freebees , and the list goes on.

I have a question for the left: Is welfare supposed to be temporary or permanent? Are we supposed to believe that these programs should be considered a way of life? Or should we be looking at these programs as a temporary bridge between jobs?

I have a question for the right: Is work optional? Do we still believe that work is part of what makes us who we are as a person and a nation?

If welfare is now becoming a way of life, how much money and how many benefits are going to be enough? As welfare becomes acceptable as a lifestyle, how much money will have to be taken from productive people in the country? At what point do Americans stop working and get on the slacker wagon? As a productive American at some point you have to be an idiot to continue working.

If work still defines who we are as a person and nation, how do we stop this transformation that has been perpetuated by Obama and the left? What is the plan to stop the assault on the people that make this country work? Because if work becomes optional this country as we know it is over and we are headed for an awakening like no other in our Nation’s history.

The people that are no longer looking for work have fallen victim to an assault and coup of this country by the communist left. Most Americans have not come to the realization yet that we are currently being taken over from within. The current Democratic Party is not the traditional party that valued work. It has been taken over by a fringe group that hates what this country stands for and they have figured out how to ruin it. They have figured out that the people are too disinterested to realize that there are people that hate this country amongst us. The left running this country do not have good intentions, they are evil.

The left knows that they could never take over this country through violent means because most Americans still believe in our founding principles. But the left has successfully infiltrated education, labor, and government at every level. They have figured out that this government protects the minority and they have used that feature to promote their minority views. It is a brilliant strategy. Once the country becomes dependent on these programs the country will not vote to end them. But the dirty little secret is they are not sustainable.

The people that love this country must wake up or we are doomed. I thought the 2012 presidential election was going to right the ship but I was wrong. I am hoping the 2014 midterm elections will be a first step in taking back our country but I may be wrong again. It may be too late to expect a party, the Republican Party to win elections promising to limit the programs that the left has used to take over this country. I hope I am wrong about the “Right”. They will have to find a message of opportunity and a messenger that understands that work is not optional, it is who we are as Americans…

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