Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Truth Can Be Uncomfortable

Speaking anything but the truth is not an option for me. But what is the truth? Is the truth only about facts? Is the truth only what is accepted by most to be reality? Are there variations on the truth? Can truth be relative?

If a drunk driving accident is responsible for killing a child, and the drunk driver is in this country illegally, how should the accident be reported? Is the truth that the person is in the country illegally important to the reporting of this story? If you are the parent does it matter?

If the government is charged by law to protect our borders but chooses to look the other way what should be done? If our southern border is being overrun by illegals from Mexico (62% of illegals), drug runners, and a variety of unknown and possibly dangerous people, should we hold them accountable for the crimes and harm to our country?  

If members of a particular political party are determined to fundamentally transform the country they have sworn to protect and uphold should they be asked how that squares with their oath of office by the people that cover them in the media? And for a political party to put business interests over the country’s interest shouldn’t we know why they are ignoring the truth?

The current immigration laws or lack of enforcement are hurting this country. It is a fact. The people that have been coming into this country illegally and legally in some cases are no longer coming here for the American Dream. The majority are coming here to take advantage of the benefits we have and to take advantage of the wealth producers in this nation.  Immigration should be halted until we can analyze the net effects on our culture and economy. A study done by the Federation for American Immigration Reform finds Illegal Immigration costs Americans $113 Billion dollars a year (;security=1601&news_iv_ctrl=1761  ). This is the net cost after adjusting for the taxes and economic activity created by illegals. That’s a $1000 a year per head of household. They also found most illegal aliens don’t pay federal income taxes and if they do they get it back in their tax returns. The criminal costs are astronomical.

These are not the type of immigrants that should be welcome in America.

The reason politicians focus on the children of immigrants is because as Americans we have a soft spot for children and pets by the way. So it is no surprise shifty politicians play those strings. But these children are not a justification for destroying our children’s future. It is a straw man argument.

So why are politicians working against the people they represent and for the people that don’t belong here? The answer: One of the political parties is looking for voters to remain in power and the other group is looking to provide cheap labor to their constituents.

Truth be told, we need to have a truthful conversation about immigration and the effects on our children’s future and we must hold representatives accountable that vote against our interests. It is our children that deserve what this country offers. It may be uncomfortable to see the children of other nations to suffer but not at the peril of our children.

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