Monday, February 17, 2014

George Washington’s Birthday

He could have been King but he would have none of it. He was a man that believed in the miracle of the Constitution and what America represented to the citizens and the world. The people of an infant America so loved this man they would have gladly empowered him to rule over the new country. But knowing the importance of his actions in office he set in motion the reality of a balanced form of government ruled by the people’s consent.

The term “President’s Day” was started as a way to celebrate the office of the presidency but that would mean it should be the presidency day. Not so sexy! But the important thing to realize is that not all Presidents are equal and it is especially profound when you compare this President and George Washington. Actually there is no comparison but I will try.

George Washington loved this country in every fiber of his body. He battled for our independence and risked everything for the country and his soldiers. It was not uncommon for GW to be leading his men into battle from the front. To suggest that leadership could ever be done from the rear would have been a foreign concept to him. He believed in the people and their ability to rule themselves. He believed in Divine Providence. He was appalled by slavery even though he owned slaves as was common for many of the founders. They inherited a system that only the words and ideals of the Constitution could set in motion to change and be the first country to abolish the appalling practice.

GW believed that if people were given freedom they could achieve anything they set their mind to. He understood that the soldier was worthy of praise and celebration and fought with his every ability to get his troops paid, supplied, and a small stipend for all of the sacrifices they made for the country he help found and loved. He was a patriot through and through!

When you read about him as I have done on many occasions you can’t help but love the man for his commitment and love for the opportunity this country represented for the people he so wanted to empower. He was not known to be a great orator but he was known to be eloquent in his thoughts and ideals. He was selfless in his commitment to leave a path for those after him to be free from the dominance of any King.

As I write just a few of my thoughts about this great man I feel no need to compare because the contrast is so glaring. George Washington would be proud that a black man could become president in the nation he helped found but he would be disappointed that the same man despised the American Dream to such a degree. He would have wondered how a nation that gave every citizen the same opportunity would be so criticized for some perceived unfairness. He would be confused.

George Washington would wonder why a current President would be doing so much to destroy a nation that gave him endless opportunity. GW would have quickly figured out that the nation was again in trouble. He would see many of the same elements that created the revolution he commanded. He would stand again for the freedom of the American people from a dangerous despotism.

George Washington as a President is worthy of celebration…

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