Monday, July 27, 2009

We can end Social Security!

If the new “healthcare’ bill the president is pushing goes through we will no longer need Social Security. I kept wondering where Obama was getting his “savings” from in a plan that is sure to boost the cost of getting medical care. Now I get it; in the plan there are provisions that ration healthcare for the elderly and encourage counseling that will push people to choose death over therapeutic care.

So if you are age 60 or above you are going to be asked to consider death as a way to reduce the cost of healthcare. You will be asked to choose death and in the beginning you may have a choice but after a couple of years all choices will not be yours, they will be made by some faceless bureaucrat in Washington DC. You will be told you are too old and too costly to spend “healthcare” dollars on.

This is great news for the younglings in our country because the elderly population that has been experiencing a surge in age due to the best medical care in the world will no longer be approved for these life saving procedures so our grandparents will start dying younger. Isn’t this great! Our government is going to start killing our elderly population off so we are going to have to pay so many less elderly their Social Security checks!

I know that any day now we are going to hear from Obama or the “death Czar” of healthcare reform that they are going to end the Social Security tax because we will no longer need it because we will be killing people starting at 60. This should be good news for all of us since we can now forget about saving for retirement and can spend ourselves into oblivion. I know, even more than we are now!

So the bad news is the government “healthcare” program is going to kill you but the good news is we don’t have to save for retirement, and I’m sure any day now we will be hearing about the end to the Social Security tax. I am holding my breath, how about you? We all must do our part…

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