Friday, July 31, 2009


The largest numbers of US troops have been killed in Afghanistan this July and we have a president and VP sitting drinking a beer with a racist Harvard professor and the cop that arrested him. I am outraged and can’t even imagine if my son or daughter was in Afghanistan how I would feel!

This beer bull is a pathetic attempt to again hide this president’s tendency to see this country in the poorest of lights. He has a racial chip on his shoulder and he is doing everything he can to hide it because if Americans start believing he has a chip he is done. He is done because this country has spent 30 years bending over backwards for the Black community and they will not accept responsibility for any more failure.

Obama’s election was supposed to end the racial divide but what it has done is to shine a light on how elitist Black professors and unfortunately our president and his wife see white Americans. He is busy hiding his chip meanwhile there is no Commander in Chief for this country. When is the last time this president has acknowledged the importance of supporting our troop’s efforts to defeat the Taliban? Actually this administration thinks it is a good idea to negotiate with these woman hating thugs. But that is no surprise.

Instead of trying to take over America with his socialist agenda this president needs to abide by his constitutional obligation to lead our troops and protect this country. I don’t know about you but I feel so vulnerable to terrorism with this president in the White House. One attack and this president will be run out of office by a very angry public. This president needs to get his priorities straight and start focusing on his most important role; Commander in Chief. A role that unfortunately highlights what a lightweight this man truly is…

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