Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Window into the president's mind…

The president continues to share his thoughts and in turn these thoughts have become a window into what the president truly believes and the way he believes people are prone to act. The most recent comment about doctors choosing to perform a tonsillectomy because the monetary benefits are more attractive than doing what’s right for the patient is what Obama thinks most doctors will do when given that scenario. That may be what he would do but I believe most doctors are more concerned with patient health than the patient billing.

Doctors make a lot of money because they make a huge investment of both money and time before ever making a nickel. People become doctors because they are prone to help people and if they make the huge educational investment they will be duly rewarded for their expertise. Barack Obama believes anyone that makes money is only concerned with money, and he is wrong.

He believes this because he has a chip on his shoulder, has never had to manage a business, and has spent his life hating the system that has made this country the wealthiest and most benevolent in the world. He believes you only get ahead because of who you know, not what you know, again he is wrong. There are millions of successful people that have no connections in the political world and prefer it that way. Obama also sees everything through the prism of race.

Race is a dominant driver of his programs and policies. Look at his latest foray into the white Cambridge police officer and the black Harvard Professor. He believes the Black community has been held down by racism and the larger society, and again he is wrong. The Black community has invested its future in government instead of themselves as individuals, and that is why there is so much poverty still today in the Black community. The Black “leaders” like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, and the president’s personal mentor Reverend Wright, are race baiters that blame everything on white oppression and an unfair system designed to hold back the black community. Wrong.

The president spent a lot of his youth in Kenya and comes from a culture of distrust and political turmoil. He doesn’t even have a true American perspective and he believes that America is a problem, not a solution. He has an outsider’s view of the world. You hear it every time he apologizes for America. As a true American I am insulted every time I hear him do this. I love this country and believe we have been the true source of good in this world, not perfect but the best hope this world has for a stable and successful future.

This president has a hard time saluting troops, dealing with dictators and enemies of our country and life style, hates the constitution, and despises the people’s ability to shut him down. Listen to his words and the examples he uses to justify government intrusion into our lives and you have a window into his mind. A mind that is determined to destroy the greatness of this country and all of the progress we have made between White and Black Americans…

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