Monday, January 3, 2011

A Constitutional Showdown in 2011…

President Obama has promised to govern through regulation instead of legislation since the voter “funded” Republican takeover in November 2010 took away the one party rule advantage he abused to govern for the past two years. He ignored the people while he jammed unpopular legislation through an incompetent congress, and is showing that same lack of penitence with the voters and their obvious wishes to change direction in 2011. The 2010 election was an obvious rebuttal to this president’s agenda but allowing the voters to have their say is not something this president will let stand in the way of his radical unconstitutional agenda. He has basically said to the American people; the Constitution be damned.

Well the Constitution is the law of the land and will be enforced in the 112th congress and beyond. The Tea Party activists will ensure the compliance or in 2012 they will again send candidates with constitutional principles to replace the representatives that fail to legislate based on constitutional principles.

The best way to stop the Obama agenda is to defund the bureaucracy. Defund the EPA, FCC, and every other agency Obama intends to use to implement his agenda against the American people. The House has the purse strings and it is time to battle. It is not time to compromise on constitutional principles.

The Obama administration is also “warning” Tea Party republicans they must vote to raise the debt limit or the consequences could be devastating. They will be devastating but not because the country will default but rather the federal programs that are funded via debt obligations will be targets of reduction and elimination. Every federal program should be targeted for a 50% reduction with the exception of Social Security, the military, and Medicare which should be frozen until a more comprehensive solution can be determined.

The federal government is the only body that has not had to cut back. They are like an alcoholic being told they can’t drink. It won’t be easy to stop the drinking but in order to save itself from destruction it is the only solution that will work… It is time to help the country learn to be “dry” when it comes to growth and spending…

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