Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Honoring the Chinese Dictator Hu?

Does anyone really believe we should honor anything about the brutal communist dictatorship called China? The Chinese people are brutally subdued into compliance with government laws that deny free speech, free markets, and basic liberty. To treat as an honored dignitary, the leader of the Chinese communist party is a slap in the face to everything we stand for as a people.

The Chinese economy is a house of cards because it is built on deceit and lies. The only thing propping it up are greedy corporations looking for cheap labor to exploit. Corporate officers turn their heads on the atrocities but their heads should truly be bowed in shame. By investing in China without human rights reform is to reward evil. The Chinese government is evil.

Free market economists argue by investing in a country’s economy we lift up the lives in those economies. For some of the lucky few that may be correct, and there is probably an argument that you plant the seeds of freedom, but how long do you allow complete oppression of a people before demanding reform from that government?

It does not surprise me that Obama is the first president to hold a State Dinner for the Chinese. I would speculate that he is envious of the Chinese leader’s ability to avoid the messy process of a representative republic governed by a constitution. How easy it would be if one man or administration could decide what was best for all. How much more we could do if we would all just work together for the good of the collective state. If we could just shut up the critics at will, our problems could be solved. The government is so much more effective at determining what is good for its citizens. That is the left in a nutshell.

Obama is honoring Hu because he envies Hu. The left would much rather live in a world they control than all of this “We the People…” stuff. The food we eat, the cars we drive, the amount of electricity we use, the size of our house, the education we receive, the medical care we have access to, would all be so much better if we had an all empowered government to watch over us. We wouldn’t have to worry about climbing the corporate ladder or providing for our future. All of that would be handed to us and decided by government officials. The paradise we are depriving ourselves is only a constitution away.

There isn’t an American citizen stupid enough to want to trade their US citizenship to become a Chinese citizen. The Chinese are using capitalism to fund a power structure so they can expand their communism when necessary in the future. We are funding their plans to one day dominate the global economy. We are funding the communist government’s destruction of human decency and freedom. We are funding the most polluting country in the world. We are funding child labor and labor camps. We are funding our greatest enemy both physically and philosophically. The Chinese people deserve better from the United States of America. The Chinese people deserve an ally in the fight for freedom not an adversary that is funding their greatest oppressor.

Shame on us and shame on Obama…

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