Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The State of the Union is Divided…

There is no doubt that the 50 United States are at a point in history that will define whether we remain a constitutional republic or become a national disgrace. The disgrace is our inability to abide by the law of our land at every level of government. The disgrace is we can’t pay our bills and we continue to spend on inefficient government largesse.

President Obama is not the only President to expand the federal government but he has been the most reckless at running up debt. It is by no means a new phenomenon. It has just reached a point that the founders knew would eventually come without constitutional adherence; a bankrupt nation both economically and morally.

The federal government has promised lavish pay and pensions to government workers, created a tax code that rewards corporations that make political contributions and punishes small businesses that work hard, undermined the American dream for millions of poor inner city Americans, and as a people we have forgotten the things that have made us special; our constitution grounded in our Christian faith. The state of this union is broken.

The optimist will say that defining moments can be a great turning point to help us state clearly who we are as a people. The pessimist would say it is too late to turn around this country to become the shining city on the hill again. It is the President’s job to be the optimist but he has spent his entire life criticizing the United States and what it stands for. This president believes we are the problem in the world and not the last best hope. He thinks we are on the same par as China. He has never experienced the things that most Americans have because he had spent so much of his life outside of America. He sees this country in a way that is alien to most Americans.

He will give a good speech but it will be empty. It will pull on heart strings and point to some utopia but it will be empty. He will cite how government has a responsibility to take care of the people but that is a sentence of despair for those that believe. The elephant in the room is that we have a president that has no idea how to manage our republic.

The left in this country wants us to abandon our constitution and become “more like Europe”. The Tea Party wants a return to constitutional government. We have a president that agrees with the left but is about to go into election mode, and to be re-elected he can’t show his true intentions. We have a House that has been injected with new Tea Party members that will begin a tug back in the direction of constitutional government, and a Senate that is evenly divided and worried about an election like the president. We have real economic problems like massive debt and spending beyond our means. We have people saying we need to spend more and people saying that spending must be stopped.

We are a nation divided. We have a leader that is divisive and is more comfortable in partisan elections than being Chief Executive of the country. It is a curious and anxious time in America. The constitution was designed to be our blueprint for success. We have ignored that blueprint and we are living with the repercussions.

“Mr. Speaker, the State of the Union is divided!”

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