Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Momentary Blip in the Polls?

Congressman Doug Lamborn has suggested the rise of Robert Blaha is due to a “momentary blip in the polls.” If I were Congressman Lamborn I would not be so sure about that. I discuss politics with anyone and everyone that will listen and I am promoting Robert because the career politician in my opinion is the problem and Doug Lamborn is the epitome of a career politician. He should not be so comfortable and may want to consider spending some money to tell us why we need to send him back to congress.

Here is my post from the other day for those of you that may have missed it:

A Fight for Conservatism in Congressional District 5

Why would a conservative Congressman be in jeopardy of losing (Blaha is gaining on Lamborn) his seat in a very conservative district? That is the question many conservative republicans, tea party conservatives, and Doug Lamborn are asking themselves today. Why would voters risk a “dependable” conservative vote at a time we need conservative votes in congress to roll back Obama Care and an out of control federal government?

I have asked myself this question as well as everyone I talk to that is active in politics. The answer is that votes are important but simply voting does not move the conservative message forward for future victories. As in business, people that speak for your “Brand” must be a great spokesperson. And believe me “Conservative” is a brand that needs better spokespeople. The people of this country live as conservatives but have learned to be embarrassed by the unending assault of the main stream media on conservative values. So conservatives tend to simply live their lives quietly and go to the polls to voice their opinions at election time. The mainstream media is continually baffled by the landslide victories conservatives accumulate and wonder out loud, “who are these people that keep voting conservative?”

I can tell you we are the “silent majority” but the Tea Party has given a more vocal component to the conservative movement. Conservatives are frustrated that their voices are muted by a bias media, and are extremely frustrated at the lack of leadership in the current crop of so called conservatives in congress and the senate. The reason Newt Gingrich received so much attention was his ability to voice the conservative message in a proud and positive manner. It is also why Reagan is so revered today by conservatives. The conservative movement wants a fighter to stand up for their values so they can stand proud and express their values without fear of mockery.

That is why we need a conservative voice and vote, not just a vote representing us in congress. A leadership position is more than simply voting. True leadership needs to influence others to support their positions, communicate the arguments with clarity and conviction, and fight back against the constant flow of lies and stereo types thrown at conservative principles. Conservative voters go to work every day and depend on the leaders they elect to voice their concerns in congress. Our congressman must have the ability to articulate the conservative message and argue for the moral high ground in Washington. The congressman should also be willing, able, and committed to being the spokesperson in our district for the conservative message.

We need to add a member in congress that will work with the freshman class from 2010 that were sent there by the Tea Party. We need to add to the voices and numbers of congressman and woman to form a coalition to offset the establishment “conservatives” who tend to value compromise over principle. We have been disappointed too many times by compromise of our principles.

I have heard conservatives say that Lamborn has been able to get on some influential committees in congress and that is true. But the way congress operates through these committees is broken and needs a new look. The status quo must be changed. Just because the Republicans control those committees today doesn’t mean the system works. I believe republicans will maintain congress in 2012 and take the senate so committee seats will continue to be controlled by republicans. Robert Blaha will be appointed and influential on the committees important to Colorado Springs. But we need someone committed to change and not just a go along to get along. We need someone that wants to decrease the influence of Washington not to just take advantage of it.

This is what we call in business a “win win.” We get a conservative in Washington that will work tirelessly to forward the cause of conservatism and Washington conservatives get an ally to reduce the influence and control of the federal government. The freshman class of 2010 need reinforcements to move the true conservative agenda forward; constitutional government and a reduction of power in Washington DC in the next congress.

Doug Lamborn has been a consistent vote I will give him that. But I for one (and according to the polls) I am not alone thinking we need a fighter in Washington to back those votes with passion and commitment to influence others of the positive results of conservatism. The founders intended congress to be an opportunity for citizens to serve and then go back to their communities to live their lives. They believed many different citizens with different backgrounds would step up to serve and represent their communities. Doug has done that and it is time to send another member of our community to Washington.

It is not that Doug has done a bad job but we need a new skill set for these challenging times. A skill set that includes a passionate ability to communicate and influence others around them. I think that guy is Robert Blaha. I think we have much to gain and very little to lose.

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