Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What is “Fairness”?

This President is obsessed with the term “fairness.” He is especially fond of using the term when it comes to “paying the fair share of the tax burden.” If you listen to the rhetoric you would think that someone is not paying their fair share of taxes to support the bloated federal bureaucracy and programs. But numbers don’t lie. The top 1% of wage earners pay 38% of the federal income taxes. Forty percent (40%) of wage earners pay no federal income tax. But that 40% receive the largest transfer of wealth through federal programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, food stamps, subsidized student loans, federal mortgage tax breaks, the EIC earned income credit, and the list goes on.

So what is the definition of fair? “Free from bias or injustice; evenhandedness; impartial; consistent with rules, logic, or ethics; just and honest…”

If we look at how the federal government develops every program they administer they are dripping in bias toward a group, whether it’s the poor, the rich, ethnic, or age bias. The tax system is anything but evenhanded or impartial if you look at the thousands of loopholes, and to associate the words, ethics, just or honest with a federal bureaucrat or politician is laughable.

If this president or any politician was interested in fairness they would be discussing how to make all of our taxes flat and a % of income. So if I earn $10,000 I pay $1000 income taxes, 100,000 I pay $10,000 income taxes, and if I make $1,000,000 I pay $100,000 in income taxes. That would be fair. It is consistent, non-bias, impartial, ethical, just, honest, and logical. What is hard to understand about a system like this?

Implied in the President’s rhetoric is that somehow making more money or being more successful than others is unfair. He consistently targets “the richest and most successful” amongst us to do more because he believes they have received more from others. How so? This is a concept that sounds good but when you boil it down it makes no sense whatsoever.

People that make more money and are more successful have usually worked harder, used knowledge in a more effective way, and the market has rewarded their work or ideas by freely purchasing them in volume. To suggest that because they live in America and have the opportunity to become rich because they live here is a stretch to associate that with getting “help from the government” as this President often states. He declares if “it wasn’t for the government the most successful amongst us would not be successful. The rules and regulations, roads and bridges, internet and telephone lines would not be available without government help.” With logic like this the sun would not come up if it were not for the science books stating it as a fact. The logic is stretched, tortured and in reality a lie. Even if you believe this, everyone that is American still has had that same “help” but have not succeeded because of it. So again is it fair?

This is class warfare in a nutshell. Play to people’s envy and jealousy to win favor. That is the strategy of this administration to win another four years. In the interest of “fairness” I think this president has had four years at the helm, we need to spread the wealth of the presidency to someone else in the next four years. After all it’s only fair, right?

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