Monday, April 9, 2012

The Racial Divide

It saddens me to see how little racial progress we seem to have made since my days in a public High School in the Bronx. I went to John F Kennedy HS in the Bronx (70’s) and learned first-hand that success didn’t depend on the color of your skin but the determination of the individual. That determination comes in the form of first and foremost getting an education. Education is the foundation of a fruitful life.

If you look at the reasons why the Black community is over represented in poverty it can be traced to three basic reasons:

·         The Family

·         Education

·         Self-Reliance

The Black Family has been decimated by the government programs that demand that a mother and father be separated in order to obtain benefits like housing vouchers and food stamps. The welfare system has destroyed the family in general but it has disproportionately destroyed the Black family. The only way to fix the family is to reject government subsidies and embrace the family unit again. Welfare needs to be transformed into a skills building agency with a limited time frame of services. It needs to be phased out for the upcoming generations. The system needs to return to its intended transitional status as a way to help in true times of need. It can no longer be an accepted way of life.

The inner city public school system should be eliminated immediately. The money should be block granted to private groups with a set standard for success. How many generations must be destroyed in the wake of a union jobs program? The only way to break the cycle of poverty is to have an education system that actually educates. We need dedicated people willing to become education entrepreneurs. What do we have to lose by trying? A cushy union gig with out of balance retirement programs is all we have to lose. We have already lost too many children.

People like me who care about the plight of Black America pose a risk when we write about it. In order to fix the problem we must first admit we have a problem. Recently there has been an escalation of hatred toward the “Whities” and capitalist system as the reason for Black poverty. This is dangerous and destined to perpetuate the cycle. If these people were truly concerned about their brethren they would promote capitalism as the way out of poverty. Capitalism has been the only successful economic program in history. Communism and socialism which are being touted by the New Black Panther Party have failed and will fail every time they are tried. The NBP leadership is revving up the masses and playing the class warfare blame game. And the numbers and evidence are not in their favor. I suggest that Black Americans reject this group and join the Tea Party group. At least they will find an ally for success there.

There is too much crime, poverty, single motherhood, and too little hope on the horizon for Black America. We are all Americans in the end and in order to break the cycles of dependency and poverty we have to try something new and it isn’t revolution as is being suggested by NBP leaders. Well it’s a kind of revolution but it is not the violent one they are calling for, it is about placing your hope in people that truly want to help than those that only want to offer handouts for votes…

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Anonymous said...

Your blog is right on point. I was able to catch the last 21 minutes fo your "Hands on Politics", and it was excellent. I am looking forward to next weeks show.