Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Do you know who I am? A Syndrome...

What is it that makes these congress men and women think they deserve “special” treatment, especially at airports and security check points? These are things that annoy all of us but for some reason they believe these inconveniences should not apply to them; but why? There is a great local radio personality in the Boston talk radio market, Howie Carr, that likes to assign a “syndrome” to the politicians that think they’re better than us; it is what he calls the “ do you know who I am?” syndrome. It seems that this “disease” is afflicting more and more congress people and it is easily spotted in the public arena. Representative Bob Filner of California, Representative Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island, and former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney of Georgia all seem to have been afflicted with the “disease” by their actions and assumptions that they are somehow “special” and deserve different treatment than you and I.

Rep. Bob Filner is facing an assault and battery charge after an incident at
Dulles Airport where he allegedly pushed an United Airlines bag claim employee
as first reported by ABC7/Newschannel 8.

ABC 7's Jay
Korff and Kris Van Cleave broke the story

Filner, a Democrat from
California, allegedly attempted to enter an employees-only area on Sunday night.

Van Cleave spoke with several witnesses who said they heard Filner yell
"You can't stop me," before pushing aside the employee and refusing to leave the

My point here is that it seems that in order to keep this syndrome from taking hold on our illustrious members of congress, we should administer the only known cure for the “disease” that exists today; implementing term limits. The symptoms of the disease are, a disconnection from the people they serve, a fatal attraction to the lobbyists in Washington, and the increased use of the phrase, “do you know who I am?” in public places, mostly airports and always targeted at security guards just trying to do their jobs.

We as a nation must help them with a cure and do the right thing; impose term limits or at a minimum, intervene at the first signs these congressmen and women have been afflicted and vote them out of office at the earliest opportunity. No one ever deserves to be at the receiving end of the “do you know who I am?” phrase from a congressman or woman that supposedly works for us. Just a thought…

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