Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sold Out Again by The "Political Class"

This is why I am so angry at the Republican Party and the president in general. First the incumbent politicians do their best to undermine this nation by promoting amnesty to illegal aliens, make it nearly impossible for officers to stop illegal's at our borders, and now we are going to let Mexican trucks litter our streets and threaten our family’s out for a Sunday drive. I am so done with the political class selling out our small business men and women with the promise of cheaper goods, and their willingness to keep putting our national identity and security in the back seat of their agendas.

The promise of cheaper goods rings hollow for me; we have had illegal workers building our homes for years, and as far as I have seen, the prices continue to rise with the median being around $225,000. The only affect that is apparent is the number of Americans that can make a decent living in the trades, and the quality of the work continues to plummet.

I have had a Commercial Drivers License (truck license to drive tractor trailers) for most of my adult life. I just recently let it expire since I haven’t used it in 10 years, but I know trucks and the trucking business. This is a recipe for disaster. It will be a disaster for the innocent family that is killed by a Mexican driver, over worked, under paid, driving a hazardous vehicle on our highways that we pay taxes on, speeding with brakes that are not properly adjusted, and bald tires. Call me skeptical but I have seen the trouble it has taken to clean up American trucking companies. Now we have to deal with Mexican companies. Give me a break!

They will tell you that they will have to meet certain safety requirements but I will bet my bottom dollar, just like the immigration laws, these laws for trucks will be ignored as well. In addition, just think of the number of illegal’s that can be smuggled here in the back of trucks that go uninspected. This is a boondoggle.

This is not free trade; this is another step toward open borders. It is being disguised as trade but it is a sellout of the American people. Spit on this administration for selling out our countries small trucking business men and women and the blood will be on their hands when the stories start appearing in the newspapers about Mexican truckers killing our citizens on the highways of America. They will be right next to the thousands of stories of illegal’s killing our students in Newark, and all across this nation, because this administration has turned its back on our borders and us; the American people!

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