Wednesday, August 29, 2007

You are associated with the worst in the party when you are in the party so run…

If you are a republican today, you are embarrassed by the despicable behavior of Senator Craig of Idaho. If you are a democrat today, you should be embarrassed period, but when people like Mr. Hsu give more than a million dollars to Hillary Clinton , and this criminal fund raiser for Hillary , Abdul Rehman Jinnah, are involved in the political "system", it is no wonder good people avoid politics. If you are a voter; you are disgusted with the people that are in politics today and wonder why no one “respectable” ever runs. Well I have the inside scoop on that having run for congress in the past.
There are many reasons people like us don’t run. Here are a
· We don’t want to be associated with the scum like Craig, Kennedy, Clinton, Dodd, Studds, Frank, Foley, and so many more in the “political class”.
· We don’t like the idea of begging for money. If people give you money, it is customary in a capitalist society that there is something exchanged for the dollars. To ask for money and expect to give nothing in return, is a custom most of us, including many current politicians, find difficult to grasp.
· The system is so skewed against the “average citizen”, and the odds seem so overwhelming that most of us look at the odds and put our money back in our pocket.

There are so many good excuses to steer clear of running for office and few good reasons to get involved in politics; but there is one reason that I see for doing what I am doing; the future of my children and our country. All it takes for bad people to get away with bad things; is for good people to sit by and do nothing (or something like that).

I am doing my part while trying to balance a family and job and let me tell you it isn’t easy. Most things in life worth doing aren’t easy but they are often the most rewarding. We need fundamental change which will take time, like term limits and house rules changes, but we can do some small things like getting in the race and doing what we can to make a difference. Even if you don’t want to get in the race, support the good people that do. There are good republicans and good democrats but the party system is broken and needs to be restructured. But like in any war, the party must be brought to its knees before it can be rebuilt.

I hope you will join me in changing your party affiliation from D or R to Unaffiliated and stop giving money to the parties. The only way to reform the parties is to stop the flow of money and increase the flow of defection. Just a thought…

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Well said Rich! A.H.