Friday, August 31, 2007

The American People Know...

Democrats and anti war political pundits keep suggesting that there is this public clamoring for us to get out of Iraq; now. I have seen poll numbers that suggest that there is some validity to their suggestion but there is a key problem with their position. They have yet to persuade the public that if we left tomorrow, we could all live with the results of what that will mean to the people of Iraq, the region, and the war on terror. This is a result they refuse to address. With good reason; it doesn’t support their argument for immediate withdrawal. In fact, it supports the argument for staying in Iraq.

I talk to a lot of people about Iraq, and no one is enthusiastic about our presence there, including me, but most people understand that we represent the only hope the Iraqi people have at a chance toward a better future. The American people know in their heart of hearts that if we give up and leave; only disaster can follow. You don’t have to be a political pundit to know that the region is littered with dictators, and terrorists waiting with baited breath for our departure, and the second that is announced, the future possibility of a free Iraq is over.

So while the political pundits and democratic politicians clamor for withdrawal, they have failed to persuade the American people that the result of leaving the Iraqis to fend for themselves will be one we as a people can live with. I know my family members that have been to Iraq, and are on their way back to Iraq; deserve the opportunity to finish their noble mission of operation freedom. We learned from past wars that the soldiers that have died in action, for a noble cause, and in defense of this great nation, deserve our unwavering support to protect their legacy and sacrifice.

We as Americans know that standing by our soldiers in both their life and their death is something we must do; even if it is difficult. So as the democrats and detractors of the war in Iraq raise their level of discontent with the war, the American people stand by our soldiers, their sacrifice, and their mission. Their legacy is already a great one; we just need to let them finish their work. I just wish the pundit class would do the same. Just a thought…

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