Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Do We Want Bill In The White House Again?

You really have to ask yourself the question; do we need Bill Clinton back in the White House? I have had many a conversation with my children explaining the bad behavior of Bill Clinton, and why character matters in a leader. Charisma is not enough; it is the character of a person that makes a great leader.

The times were different when Bill occupied the White House in the 90’s. We were in the internet revolution, and few were paying attention to the world around us; especially Bill. He ignored the threat of terror, the bubble of the stock market, the crooks at the helms of corporations like Global Crossing, all the while “entertaining” interns in the Oval Office. It was like the roaring 20’s all over again. Mean while lone voices in the wilderness, mostly conservatives, were trying to bring attention to the important issues of the day. It was not enough to say I told you so, because this was our country and our future being handled by this pathological personality.

Hillary was right there doing her best to influence policy. She now touts that as her “experience”, but what an experience it was. She attempted to ruin our healthcare system by socializing it. The people rejected it, and therefore rejected Hillary. If we recall her experience, she was conducting secret meetings, handpicking committees and panels from her stable of lackey’s, and doing her best to dictate to the American people what was best for their health. One small sample of the “experience” she will bring back to the White House.

But there is so much more. They are one of the most “connected” families in America with some really “questionable” connections. I for one am Clintoned out. We have had enough Clinton’s, Bush’s, Kennedy’s, and Cuomo’s for ten life times. Let’s start electing the “real” people of this country. Let’s stop electing people because we recognize their name or because they have “celebrity” status. Let’s start electing real leaders. Let’s send the Clinton’s packing. Please…

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