Monday, December 17, 2007

Doug Lamborn; was it a Coors beer you were drinking?

Doug Lamborn, fresh off of trying to get Pike’s Peak designated a National Monument, is “caught” hob knobbing with lobbyists and drinking all the free beer he could, I’m sure. I just hope he was at least drinking our home brew, Coors. (He is seen twice. Be patient, he is near the end of a very short video clip)

Let me state right here right now, when I run again for congress in 2008, I will pledge to drink only Coors beer, but I will not attend one lobbyist event if elected to congress. I will be spending my time in congress fighting for congressional reforms; sober. One of them will be to reduce the influence of money in congress. I am all for attending constituent events in district 5, but events that are designed to listen and present issues to the constituents.

I will not launch personal attacks on Doug once I announce, but I have to say here and now, he is embarrassing. He is the stereo typical politician and he will be voted out if I have anything to do with it. But my guess is he will have a hard time getting past the 08 republican primary. The good news for Doug is he will have plenty of time to drown his sorrows in beer. Just a thought…

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