Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Time Magazine Makes a Huge Mistake!

To designate Vladimir Putin as man of the year over General Petraeus, is an indication of how far out of touch the mainstream media is with the values of our country. They chose him because he brought “stability and renewed impact” to Russia. I guess a good dictator that instills “stability” through murder, terror, and intimidation is more deserving than a man that is offering hope, freedom, and democracy to a country just liberated from a murderous dictator. Ah! The good old days. If only we had more dictators to instill stability.

If only we could have the same stability here. That damn democracy thing is just standing in the way of a stable world. If only Vladimir would change his address to live in say, San Francisco, he could help us implement stability here in the good old US of A. How I long for a day when we no longer have to worry about speaking out against evil because in stable countries, you’re not allowed to do so. Some day maybe we too could have a man of the year like Vladimir.

I haven’t bought a Time magazine in I can’t remember how long. But I can tell you this; I never will again… Pathetic and disgusting is what it is. They should be shut down! Wait that only happens in “stable” countries, for now we are still a democracy; Thank GOD!

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