Monday, December 17, 2007

Huckabee = Increased Illegal Immigration

Michelle Malkin points out the true Mike Hackabee, and he is just like the others that do not understand the American people’s desire to secure our borders. He is smooth talking, and I have to say he can say the right things with a tinge of humor, but buyer beware. His true actions as Governor are ones I would not support. He is a big government guy with a place in his heart for illegal immigrants, at the same time turning his back on American families. He supported the “Dream Act” which forces American parents to pay for the subsidies for illegal’s to go to in-state colleges.

He is open borders just like George Bush. So if you think George Bush has done a good job on the border, you will love Mike Huckabee. I know people can change over time, but not enough time has passed. We have Mitt and Fred to choose from now if the borders matter to you. They do for me. We will see what the rest of America thinks soon enough…

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Anonymous said...

I am glad M.Huckabee is being exposed. He was on the cover of the N.Y. Times magazine and his story was inside. He is not the conservative he is trying to portray himself as. R. Giuliani seems to be slipping, which may not be a bad thing as the big guns are just sitting on their fire power. I like him but he may not be able to withstand their attack. That leaves me with one choice. APH