Friday, February 5, 2010

Don’t Get Fooled Again!

I was listening to Bill Bennett’s radio show this morning with guest host, former Republican Senator from PA Rick Santorum; described why he believed term limits was bad with a caller. He actually said term limits of 12 or 20 years were fine, but really, why have them at that point. His logic was that if you have term limits the only people that will know what is going on, will be the staff of the politicians not the politicians. Here is the problem with that logic; government should not be so involved with our lives that politicians can’t figure out what is going on within a four, eight, or 12 year time frame.

I wish every American paid attention to politics, then there would be no need for term limits but unfortunately that is not the case. I am not going to make an argument here for or against but the fundamental problem with the two parties is they want to keep power. It is not about limited government, it is about what new and expanded government program can be delivered by each party. Republicans have their pet supporters and democrats have another set of supporters. Both parties foster special interest politics over constitutional government.

The Republican Party can’t be trusted. There are some republican candidates that have conservative principles but neither party even talk about constitutional government. Constitutional government is not “sexy” but it is the law.

So as you review your choices in 2010, remember the line from that great song by the rock group the “Who”; don’t get fooled again! I guarantee that if you simply vote republican you will be disappointed. And when you are considering the Governor races around the country, support the candidates that are talking about the Tenth Amendment and stopping the federal government at the state level.

If you do that, term limits will be less important at the federal level and you will not be fooled again. The parties have lost sight of the founding principles of our government. A party that has lost their principles can’t be trusted…

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