Thursday, February 11, 2010

When is Enough, Enough?

I feel like the American tax payer is under constant assault from their government. There is always a crisis of some kind that we are supposed to empathize with and then without question open our pocketbooks; again. I wish in my private life I could just tell my customers that in order for me to survive and live the life I want to, they have to pay more for my products and services.

But most of us live in the real world where the market and our customer’s ability to choose companies make it impossible to make such requests. I had to lay people off last year as many in the private sector have done and continue to do. The private sector and American families are cutting back and making the necessary adjustments to our budgets to survive this economic downturn but what about the government?

Sure there have been some layoffs, furloughs, and pay freezes at the state and local level but just look at the federal government. Do you believe the federal government will ever be happy with the amount of money they take from you and your family? When is enough, enough?

The last four days has seen the largest snow falls in history in our nation’s capital. Federal workers have been at home for the last four days and my life has not changed one iota. Has yours? I would suggest we could reduce the federal workforce by 50% and we wouldn’t even see a blip on the screen. The IRS is hiring thousands more employees, the census bureau is hiring thousands more workers but in a world of technology, why do we need so many census workers? If we reduced our federal government to its constitutional responsibilities how many people can we release to conduct productive activities that generate real economy?

I am not saying these federal workers are bad people, but bad policy has created useless bureaucracy and the government has become an industry in itself. That must change by electing people that are not part of the government “industry.”

Too many people are at the trough of government and have a self interest in perpetuating the industry. Government was never intended to be an industry. Read the constitution and get involved. You will come to the obvious conclusion; this government will never get enough of your money and freedom until both are all gone…

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