Monday, February 1, 2010

Manufacturers Welcome in Colorado…

Manufacturing is not just about jobs, it is about national security, personal and organizational identity, and it is about moral responsibility. So why do we punish manufacturers with overwhelming regulation and taxes?

We as a country have forgotten why manufacturing is so important, and the role it plays in our ability to remain free and prosperous. If we give up our ability to produce heavy equipment, steel, rubber, and other products, we leave our destiny in the hands of people that may be friendly now, but what about the future? China comes to mind. If we no longer produce, or we are producing weapons, aircraft, and other sensitive technologies in countries like China, how vulnerable are we to the political tides in China? We need to produce our own products here, and continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

We have always been a country that values work and being connected to great products. Caterpillar, John Deere, Coca Cola, Levi Strauss, LL Bean, to name a few. As individuals we identify with the work we do and having products that the world loves is a great source of pride for those that are part of creating and building these great brands.

It is a moral obligation of the representatives of the people to support the citizens it represents by enabling and supporting policy that create economic opportunities for its citizens. The free trade proponents of which I am one have to balance economy and ethics. I believe in free trade but I do not believe in policies that favor nations that have communist regimes, using forced labor, and ignoring common sense environmental policies. The cost of doing business has to include all of these factors but our policy should put America first. Not with policy that forces people to buy American, it should be policies that free up American manufacturers to be able to compete in a global competition for human and capital resources. The United States has the second or third highest cost of doing business due to our tax and regulatory policy. That must change. Union and management must be brought back together to compete and support common sense policies to build up our manufacturing base again.

As Governor I will propose and support policy that welcomes manufacturers, supports free trade by reducing the cost to do business, and create incentives for unions and business to work together to improve our competitive position in the world. Corporate taxes, capital gains taxes, and burdensome regulations will be targeted for reform or elimination under my administration. I will fight the federal government as passionately as I would a foreign government trying to run our manufacturers out of the country. We need to make stuff again. We need to keep the manufacturers we currently have healthy and help them grow. There are economic groups talking about this right now in Colorado and they need to know they will have my support 100%.

Colorado is open for business; including manufacturers!

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