Saturday, January 30, 2010

Notification to Withdraw from Voluntary Spending limits…

I was notified today that John Hickenlooper has filed to be a candidate for Governor of Colorado but has not filed the form, “voluntarily acceptance of campaign spending limits” for his campaign. I now have the option to withdraw my commitment to limit my campaign spending based on Colorado statute. By statute I can withdraw, on principal I cannot.

I believe if I have the ability to spend $2.65 million I could win, even if another candidate raises a billion dollars. Truth and principle always win when the message gets out to the people. $2.65 million is enough to get the message out.

With the Mayor’s refusal to accept spending limits I actually would have the opportunity to spend more than the $2.65 million if I chose to but why? Social media has leveled the field significantly and if you can’t manage $2.65 million to win a campaign, you don’t deserve to manage the state’s affairs.

Thank you Mayor Hickenlooper for giving me the opportunity to increase the amount of money I can spend but, I'm disinclined to acquiesce to the opportunity your campaign has given me. Good luck!

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