Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Root Cause Analysis

Root cause analysis is a process used to find not just a symptom of a problem but what the underlying cause is so it can be rooted out and fixed. I would like to apply it to three major problems we face today; a failing economy, a divided citizenry, and the pending bankruptcy now projected to be upon us within ten years if something isn’t done right now.

The root cause of our failing economy is a movement away from the free market principles that once were the foundation of our capitalist system. We allowed government to intervene in the process of loan qualifications. Instead of 20% down on a mortgage the government encouraged no verification loans to get specific groups of people qualified even though they didn’t have the income to pay back the money they borrowed. The private sector went along because the government threatened them with closure and more importantly promised to take the risky loans off their hands through the Fanny Mae Freddy Mac scam. This not only created a housing crises it created a culture of corruption because bad decisions were now acceptable and the flow of money drove the worst out of the people in the financial industry.

The moral compass of the American people turned for the worst and everyone wanted to get on the band wagon and forgot the principles of hard work and saving. Against their better judgment Americans went along with the government housing scam and leveraged their safe assets to get in on the boom. The result today is clear. Our core principles were abandoned therefore our economy collapsed.

A divided citizenry is the result of the two party political system. We have drifted from our founding principles of individual freedom to a clear delineation of group think within what is now called the Republican and Democratic Party’s. All Americans at one time were thriving for the dream but today politics is built around demographic groups stealing from each other through the government apparatus fostered by the two political parties. They have become brands that represent specific groups determined to use the government to get ahead economically. The democrats steal our individual wealth for the “working” man and the republicans steal our wealth for the corporations. They both use the other to raise funds, distract from the real issues, and both are consistently growing government for their own benefit. Long ago are the days that we united around our constitutional principles. The parties are divisive and a cancer that eats away at our ability to be individual Americans.

At today’s pace of spending and borrowing our debt will take up 98% of total Gross Domestic Product. That is the total amount of goods and services created in this country. We will have no money in less than ten years. The root cause is our drifting from our constitutional republic that insisted on limited central government. We have ignored our constitution to our peril. We are spending on programs that shouldn’t even exist. We no longer fight for our rights; we fight for a piece of the “bacon”. The bacon is the wealth of individual citizens that is stolen unconstitutionally from us with the blessing of our two parties.

The way to solve these critical problems is simple; reaffirm our constitutional republic by electing and holding accountable our elected officials to our constitutional principles. It all comes down to living up to our founding documents, returning to our moral roots, and living as individuals under a common principle of government so eloquently authored in our constitution.

The solution is simple when you know the root of the problem. We know the root cause so let’s take the steps to fix it before it is too late…

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