Monday, January 4, 2010

Senator Harkin is not God; Or any Politician for that Matter…

In comments on healthcare (he upgraded these remarks today to include the phrase inalienable right) from Senator Harkin of Iowa, he stated that the healthcare legislation is the start of the creation of “new inalienable rights” for all Americans. As if inalienable rights were something that any human could grant. Therefore he and this group of senators must believe they are God.

I would like the senator to explain how any human being can “grant” inalienable rights? The fact is we are endowed by our creator with inalienable rights. Is this senate, Mr. Harkin or any human capable of granting these rights?

This is ignorance, arrogance, and a true insight to the way these politicians view us, the holders of those rights. These people are dangerous and must be replaced with people that understand our constitution and its principles.

We must get every Governor and state legislature to speak out and nullify this healthcare bill and every other piece of legislation that is not authorized in the constitution.

This is a revolution against our constitution by the current crop of politicians. We have not heard a peep from the press or the GOP. They are both parties to this fraud being perpetrated on the people. They all must be voted out.

Find constitutional candidates and support them with your lives and fortunes… Our constitution must become front and center again. We answer to one God and he certainly doesn’t sit in this congress…

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