Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sam Adams and Liberty; Never Compromise…

After reading a great book (Samuel Adams - A Life - By Ira Stoll) I am always inspired to see things with a new or re-energized perspective. I sometimes wish I lived in the days of our founding because I would have loved to have agitated the revolution along side of Sam Adams. Sam Adams and so many of our founders would have never compromised on liberty. Liberty was non-negotiable to these men. To these men liberty was God given and therefore no man had a right to infringe on it or negotiate it away.

Compare that to today’s crop of politicians currently debating healthcare on our behalf. And I use “on our behalf” loosely because the majority of our countrymen want nothing to do with this debacle. But what are they “negotiating”? Senator Harkin had the gall to suggest that this group of politicians were “creating a new set of rights” and he even used the word “inalienable” to describe what this legislation was trying to accomplish. My God are we asleep?

Where is Sam Adams? Where are the leaders promoting our founder’s principles? Where are the people in government that understand the assault that is happening against our constitution? This is the foundation of my argument against the two parties and in particular the Republican Party. Listening to the party candidates is like listening to corporate gobble de goop in a meeting where the meeting is the focus instead of the business objectives of the organization. We are supposed to believe that the GOP is the answer in 2010 since no other candidates are worthy of our attention. But I ask what GOP candidate is willing to be the Sam Adams of our generation? What candidates are willing to pledge their lives and fortunes for our liberty? What candidates are willing to agitate the current system that is just as oppressing as the one Sam Adams fostered a revolution against?

Every candidate that is running through the party system is trying to work that system to get elected. Where are the candidates that care about what is happening to our constitutional and God given rights? They are not in the “system” in my opinion. The people in the system are too concerned with garnering party activist support instead of talking about the real issues. I concede there are some that are on the right side of some of the issues but where is the candidate talking about the constitution?

Sam Adams was not afraid to stand on principle no matter the consequence. We have candidates today that just want to win the election. But winning elections as we have seen does not guarantee that the winning party will govern according to the constitution of this land. The GOP became as intrusive as the Democratic Party. That is why they have been losing elections and members like myself. Not because they are too conservative, or not open enough, or maligned by the press. It is because they have drifted away from our founding principles and are willing to compromise our rights away.

The constitutional principles of this nation are the way. Compromising on any bill before establishing the constitutional validity of the bill is what our politicians need to be debating. Sam Adams would know that. Where is our Sam Adams?

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