Monday, January 25, 2010

Individuals Create Economic Stability

The president is going to talk in his State of the Union speech about renewing his call for economic “stability.” Translated in real terms he means socialism, class warfare, and redistributing wealth. We must stop this man and his Marxist tendencies from ruining our country.

The only way a government can attempt to create economic stability is by stabilizing our economic activity to where we are all miserable. I know after watching this president at every turn; he is a dictator at heart. He uses populist message that sounds good but has no practical application in the real world like, limiting executive pay, making access to student loans available to anyone and everyone, and returning “fairness” back to the struggling middle class. What we need to return to is free markets and capitalism.

It is all a bunch of empty rhetoric from an empty individual that is doing his best to ruin this nation with government expansion in the auto, financial, and healthcare industries, with an eye toward as much of the economy we will let him steal. The only light is the people have awoken from a political slumber.

We must reject this president and his policies and bring back our constitutional government by fighting this takeover with the greatest weapon we have; the US Constitution.

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