Saturday, January 23, 2010

Increase Colorado’s Income…

The federal government shows no sign of understanding the message sent in the Tuesday Massachusetts election that seemed clear to everyone else; stop what you’re doing now! And what they are doing is borrowing, spending, and stealing the liberty and future of this nation. It will not stop even if the republicans take over in 2010 because they have the same propensity toward big government with a few tax cuts sprinkled in. At this time there is no indication that they will do anything conservative or move the country toward constitutional government beyond not doing it as fast as the democrats. The party will not have the nerve to stand up to the barrage of criticism they will get when they attempt to reduce the size of government. We have seen it before. Don’t be fooled.

The only way to stop the growth of the federal government is to stop the flow of money. You have heard the phrase, “follow the money.” The money is the key. If we stop the ability of the federal government to borrow on our behalf without definite requirements, and we limit how much the federal government can tax our incomes, we will not have to worry about out of control central government. They will not have the money necessary to grow. Follow the money.

And the money will be right here in Colorado if we elect the right representatives. As Governor I will ask the voters of Colorado to amend our state constitution to limit what the federal government can take from our incomes to 18% maximum. This will reduce the tax burden to support this out of control administration in DC, and keep the money in the paycheck of hard working Colorado citizens to do with what they believe is right for their family. I will also try to remove the withholding done by employers so that individuals have to pay their own taxes quarterly like small businesses do. This will highlight the amount of money people have to pay by making everyone aware of the true cost of government. This awareness will reduce what politicians can take. Believe me.

It has to begin at the state level. The federal government is so corrupted by special interests that don’t have your interests in mind. If you get to keep your money in your paycheck you will be able to take care of the one special interest I know we can agree to support; your family.

As Governor I will work to stop the money from flowing out of your paycheck and Colorado by reaffirming our Tenth Amendment rights and challenging the Sixteenth Amendment. It is not complicated but it will take resolve and an understanding of our rights as US citizens. They have been trampled by both parties. Support candidates not for their party but for their positions. There will be some candidates from the parties that may deserve support but we must look beyond the parties if we want a real return to limited federal government.

I am the unaffiliated candidate for Governor of Colorado. That is what I will work for…

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