Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Revolution in Progress…

Massachusetts yesterday spilled the equivalent of 1773 “tea” overboard but this time it was the big government agenda of the democrats and President Obama that went crashing into the sea. This was not local politics; this was a national effort in a statewide election. Scott Brown received support from the entire “union” in support of stopping an out of control central government.

The next step is to unite the Governors around the country to make a concerted effort to stop the federal spending and borrowing on our behalf for unconstitutional programs by reaffirming the Tenth Amendment, and challenging the Sixteenth Amendment to reduce the amount of income the federal government can tax the citizens of the states directly.

We have seen what can be done when the American people are motivated. The spirit of freedom is ingrained in our being and is not easily converted to a culture of socialist style “reforms.” We know when we are under assault and it is motivating to see our reaction. God Bless Massachusetts; again!

This was not a republican victory, this was an American revolution. Scott Brown is a republican but his support came based on his independent streak and his willingness to stand up to the establishment in Washington DC. He happens to be a republican that became a catalyst for this new revolution in progress.

Let’s build on this effort and support the candidates that stand for our constitution and not for a particular political party.

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