Saturday, January 16, 2010

Change the Constitution?

I often hear from people that say the constitution is old and needs a revamp. The argument goes something like this “how can a document written so long ago be relevant today? So much has changed.”

I can understand how people can argue that things have changed since the time of our founding, but it tells me that they have not read the constitution or any history surrounding its creation. I encourage all to read the document and especially those that believe it should be changed. The dirty little secret is it can be changed but the process is deliberately difficult to insure changes are not made on emotion and are vetted, debated, and voted on by the legislatures in every state to insure agreement on the proposed changes.

The fact is that human nature doesn’t change. Human beings have common emotions and in critical moments have a propensity toward mob rule, violence, and tyranny. This historical and indisputable fact is the foundation of the U.S. Constitution. It is designed to limit, when respected and adhered to, the infringement of government on the individual’s rights and to protect against the propensity of government to dominate and control others. Just look around the United States today and you will find circumstances that support the fact that humans are emotional, violent, and use government to infringe on other people’s rights. The healthcare bill is a perfect example.

The other fundamental principle the founders understood and acknowledged was there is a God. They based many of the founding principles on the premise that certain rights are God given therefore can never be given or more importantly taken away by man. Think hard about this principle even if you are not religious. This is not about religion it is about a power greater than man. That principle is the foundation that keeps those determined to rule your life in check.

Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and many other dictators knew that targeting and killing the men of God had to happen in order to control people. If there was a power greater than them it would undermine their ability to rule. Without a belief in God, who makes the “rules” of a government? What man do you trust to protect your God given right to life?

Based on these fundamental principles the founders documented the greatest government framework the world had ever and has ever seen to date. And I as well as many others believe will never be trumped because these principles do not change.

Our constitution protects our individual right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and these are the principles outlined in our constitution so I ask; what should we change?

• Should we as individuals give up our rights to a government authority?
• Should we give up the right to private property and have a government authority divide up the land?
• Should we only assemble together when the government gives us approval?
• Should government determine the God we worship?

What should we change? Many that want this change are willing to give up their rights for the common “good”. But the constitution protects the people from the “good” of government. It limits the “good” they are allowed to do because government has a track record of tyranny, inefficiency, violence, and misery.

The individual right of Americans to pursue happiness under our constitution has been responsible for the happiness of millions around the world that have not been as fortunate as us. Free markets and free people have created the wealth that has fed nations and lifted millions out of poverty. Government can’t do that. Read your history.

Before you suggest changing the constitution, first you must learn and understand its purpose. Then if you still feel it needs changing, start a movement to make the change. Be careful what you ask for…

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