Friday, January 29, 2010

Looking For Change in All the Wrong Places…

We need to look within our own hearts if we expect things to change. Expecting change from people and organizations like the two political parties is simply unrealistic. The Tea Party movement is real change because that movement is made up of people that have decided to make change within themselves. This group has decided, and rightly so, that the two parties can’t be trusted, and they must look outside the candidate pool that has been traditionally dished out to them without their input. The tea party folks are not a GOP organization although many in the GOP are attracted to the movement, they are people that are fed up with the current political class, and the direction the country is heading.

My hope is that this group remains true to its core values and considers my campaign as an alternative to the two parties. More specifically as an alternative to the current GOP candidate. This group knows that any candidate has a chance to win if they focus on the core principles of this country; family, hard work, and individual opportunity. They are looking for someone that will not let them down; again. They are looking for someone to focus on reduction of government intrusion instead of candidates that believe government is the answer to all of our ills. They are looking for principle over party.

The GOP is courting this group of patriots but they know that even though they are a better choice than the Democratic Party, it is more disappointing when “one of your own” lets you down, like they have been doing for the past decade. The GOP is on egg shells with this group because they have lost the trust of the people due to their past actions. So what will be different this time around?

I know I am a long shot but I hope members of this group start looking closer at who has a better chance of delivering on their goals, a candidate connected to a party that continually disappoints, or a new candidate that understands the plight of small business, has spent his entire life in the private sector, lives what he preaches, and will have a Citizen Oversight Board that will include regular citizens with access to the activities I plan to pursue as Governor (see my 90 Day Plan).

The nation was looking for change in 2008 and boy have we been getting change. When the Republican Party was in control we also saw a change; another huge federal program (Medicare prescription), an effort to give amnesty to 20 million illegal’s, and a continual bloating of government spending that has put us in the critical spot we find ourselves today.

The change I propose is called constitutional government. It is an approach that supports the founding principles of freedom and individual liberty. It is a change to limited government as outlined in our founding documents. It is the belief that we are the greatest country in the world because we have nurtured individuals chasing their dreams. We believe in divine providence and that our rights are God given. We are proud to say God and country. Is this a change we should try? What is the alternative? Expecting change from the party candidates that have already failed us for the past decade?

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