Saturday, January 23, 2010

More Fraudulent “Data” from the UN on Climate Change

It is clear to me but for many of our kids who have been bombarded with “Global Warming” fears, need to understand this entire movement is built on fraud. The real agenda is to blame the US for their role in the fraud of “global warming” and make them pay retribution to the poor countries of the world. It is a simple money grab.

Our kids are losing sleep over the fact that everyone is not recycling, and we have the leaders of this movement continuing this fraud at the expense of the truth. We all need to be stewards of the environment with a common sense approach. The radical agenda of the UN and other groups has completely lost any credibility with me. For these people it is a religion not a science.

When you read this report you will realize how shallow the “science” is to support a warming trend that will be harmful. The “facts” are based on interviews with journalists and data that doesn’t exist. We need to discount the entire UN in my opinion but more importantly we need to put real information out about the environment.

The zealots will continue to push their agenda of pushing us back to the Stone Age, but anyone that knows their history will want nothing to do with that. A simpler lifestyle may be a choice for some but to change policies that undermine freedom based on information from these people is insanity.

Our kids need the real facts so we can all sleep better at night…

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StorageCraft said...

I was actually shocked to read the data of climate change. I am not able to imagine the time left with us as humans to survive on the planet earth.