Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Colorado Jobs, Jobs, Jobs…

If you expect an out of control federal bureaucracy to have any idea about how jobs get created, you need to do an assessment of your expectations. The answer to job growth in Colorado is reducing the tax burden at every level of government on the individual and small business. Individuals and small business is the answer to job growth in Colorado and the nation.

Think about the current course we are on and ask yourself this; what government program do you trust to help small business to create a job for you? Government programs kill jobs; reducing government in our lives is a job creator. What creates jobs is an economic policy that reduces government intervention and incentivizes institutions to lend to the individuals and small businesses that create jobs.

The way you incentivize lending is you reduce the amount of taxation you attach to profits and capital gains. The way you incentivize job creation is you reduce taxation and regulations on hiring employees. You need to encourage businesses to hire by not forcing a particular wage on the employer or mandates on the types of insurance they must carry. That is a discussion between the employee and employer. Big government and unions will scream but the free market works even when it comes to hiring human resources. Businesses need good people to make money in their business and employees want to negotiate the best deal for themselves and their families. Today, government at every level is a drain on the private economy especially when they are “focused” on creating jobs. That “focus” usually means trouble for the private sector.

Colorado needs to focus on reducing the federal burdens being forced on us by out of touch and unconstitutional programs. The best way to do that is by following the spirit and law of our constitution.

As Governor, with the help of Colorado’s citizens, I will reduce the amount of money going to Washington DC so individuals and businesses in Colorado can create jobs. And we will take care of the state of Colorado and not General Motors, Chrysler, Financial Institutions that made bad decisions, the UN, and bridges to nowhere. We were not founded on the principle of stealing from one individual to give to private groups with strong lobbyists. We did not prosper because of big central government but on individuals in communities building a better life together on basic common decency and principle.

It is time for a new order of priority. It is not a new “world” order, it is the order of our founding principle; Individual freedom creating a better world. Let it begin again here in Colorado…

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