Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scott Brown; for President?

In the lead up to the election of Scott Brown, much hype and anticipation was thrust upon the Republican candidate as the “savior” to stop the healthcare boondoggle. There were even calls to elevate him to presidential considerations in 2012. Having lived in Massachusetts for 15 years I knew no republican candidate from Massachusetts would ever be a candidate I would choose as someone to represent me at the federal level. But that is party politics. If he wears an R after his name I am supposed to accept the good, voting against the healthcare bill, and bad, voting for the jobs bill. Where are the principles of his campaign?

Scott Brown was elected for one reason; he represented the countries frustration with healthcare. And he was elected by the country, just follow the money. But now that the one issue he was sent to stop is in another phase of process, Scott Brown has voted for a “jobs” bill along with the democrats. There is no such thing as the federal government creating a job unless it is taken from the private sector. I have many posts on this subject but the real point is; we need to elect people that represent principle not party.

The Republican Party can taste victory but if you look at what is happening with Scott Brown; is this the Republican Party you want to put in charge again? Not me, I want conservative, principled people, and some may be republicans and some may be independent, or libertarian, but the last thing I want is to be disappointed in electing republicans like Scott Brown to continue our journey toward financial ruin.

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