Wednesday, January 2, 2008

And we’re off!

It is the first official day of 2008, a presidential election year, and the leadership vacuum sound is sucking us into a rudderless future. Ahh! Starting out the New Year with such optimism! Actually, I am optimistic that we will not elect any of the current democratic field because we in America are not that left. My concern is that the republican field has potential but also a lot of risk. I like Mitt but he brings with him the baggage of dealing with one of the most left leaning states in the country. Ditto Rudy. McCain is more appealing but I completely disagree with his immigration and campaign finance positions. Huckabee is a Clinton with an R. Maybe a bit harsh but I don’t trust him; at all. Paul is a lunatic in my opinion. Thompson is dull although I could live with him as president. Duncan who?

I wish I could get really excited about a candidate but that might be too much to ask at this stage. At least there is no chance of a Bob Dole candidacy. We can thank God for small miracles! So we are off and running (pun intended) for 2008. I am excited of the things I control in my life!! As for everything else we can only do what we can to impact the outcome.

It is still early but now that the holidays are over we can confidently say; Gentleman, start your engines! (Oh yea, you too Hillary)

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