Thursday, January 31, 2008

It is time to focus on congressional races…

For the sake of America’s future, we need to focus our attention on the 2008 congressional races to insure we offset the executive branch. It will not matter who becomes president if McCain wins the nomination, both party nominees will push liberal agendas, so we must build up our defenses on the front line, congress.

If it ends up being Barrack and McCain, I vote 3rd party. If it ends up Clinton and McCain, I’m still not sure if I will have to hold my nose and vote McCain. I just don’t know yet but what I do know is that anyone who is conservative leaning, believes our borders need to be secured, taxes lowered, and more market based solutions for healthcare & social security, has no advocate in these two nominees. My guess is conservative voters will say, let them eat cake and stay home letting the country fall apart for four years, hoping a Reagan will appear on the horizon.

I watched the debate last night and the angry old man is someone I just can’t see voting for. Huckabee gets old really quick, and Paul was dissed again but I have to respect the way he kept his composure. I would have been making a stink if I was Paul, but that’s me. McCain represents what is wrong with Washington but unfortunately people seem to be fine with the status quo. Why not; there giving away the ranch with rebates, healthcare, free housing and food; heck I may just quit and get on the dole. Why work when they are giving it away.

We are in for some interesting times and I don’t know when the tipping point will come; but I will be ready to take back our country. Anyone in?

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