Friday, February 1, 2008

Clinton politics; do we want more of this?

This NY Times story received very little play but it is indicative of the corrupt dealings of the Clinton’s. It is a story about power, influence, and money, the only place the Clinton’s have experience and thrive. They are dirty, corrupt, and will do anything to build personal power.

If Hillary is elected we can expect her to support dictator thugs and corrupt business partners around the world. They are two of the most dangerous people in this country, and that is an understatement. All of this corruption to help build a library that will gloss over the most dishonest politician in America.

Why was this story not discussed? Why is Barrack not asking about it? Why are none of the GOP candidates highlighting this corruption? Probably because there have been so many of these stories that people tune them out. When people start disappearing like they do in China and Russia, maybe people will wake up. A bit over the top, maybe. But if you let this kind of corruption go on; what does it say about us as a people? What does it tell our children about our values? When will we get some people in office that actually share our values? I am afraid; never…

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APH said...

I just read the article & I'm sure there are very credible accounts of Pres. Clinton's wheelings & dealings. I wish more reporters would heed the old saying "just follow the money" and expose the Clintons'. APH