Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It’s Not the Color of His Skin; It Is the Content of His Campaign…

America is ready for a Black candidate for president. America is ready for a Woman candidate for president. What America is not ready for is a candidate that believes socialism is a new idea, and good for America.

There isn’t a hill of beans between Hillary and Obama when it comes to their vision for America. They both believe that the government is best suited to manage the markets, healthcare, and the family. Actually they believe that the government is the dominant force for good in our society. Better than you or me at deciding what is right for our family, career, retirement, healthcare, food choices, drink choices, car choices, and any other choice we believe we should be in charge of… Basically eliminating the need for freedom.

Markets: They both want to punish productivity by limiting profits and pay scales for executives. They want to pick the winners, protect the losers, and eliminate the risk that is inherent in the market. They are both ignorant in economics, and both of their visions will destroy the engine of capitalism that is the foundation of our ability to lead, feed, and free the world around us.

Healthcare: They want to mandate how much you pay for healthcare and prescriptions, who you can see, how much doctors and insurance companies can make, what doctors can do and say with their patients, and control every aspect of healthcare through a “one payer” system. Market rules apply in healthcare, just like they do in any marketplace. Both of their plans to socialize healthcare will result in destroying the greatest medical system in the world.

The Family: They both believe in “planned” families. They both believe that the baby in a woman’s body is hers to do with what they want including aborting it through term, but that control ends once a baby is born. They want government to control daycare, early child learning, school curriculums, and both support the rights of kids to sue their parents. They both believe children and their future is the “responsibility” of the states. They both talk about the importance of the family, but not the autonomy of the family unit. They want to decide what parents choose for their kids from schools, to television, to their choice of college.

So when you here that people are “uncomfortable” with a Black man or woman for president, especially those pesky conservatives, it’s a bunch of bull. It is the content of the campaign that is the problem for most people on the right. Martin Luther King had a dream, as do most Americans for a prosperous and color blind society. I believe we have come close to achieving that dream, but Obama’s candidacy is not going to be rejected for the color of his skin; but the content of his campaign. I think Martin Luther King would consider that a true achievement toward his vision and dream. Just a thought…


Anonymous said...

Very well written and very true.

Anonymous said...


I will vote for a black, white, yellow, green, man, woman, dog, or cat...I just won't vote for anyone of the above if they are Liberal.