Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Old Ideas Vs. Just Plain Old

The Hillary and Barrack campaigns both tout the message of change. Change to what, I’m not sure, but when you look at their platforms they are actually trying to change the direction of our country in the backward direction toward the failed policy of socialism. They are socialist, big government, anti capitalists at heart, and all we have to do is look at old Europe to see the results of these policies.
I know they think socialism has not been implemented properly, and has not had strong leadership behind the message, but it will fail here just like everywhere. It is fundamentally, and morally bad policy, to ask some to produce while others sit on their arses, and reap the rewards of the people doing the hard work. The system always falls under a malaise, productivity tumbles, and people become selfish asking for more, more, more. Old ideas.

McCain is a “maverick” in one way; he thinks he knows best, even when the majority of people are dead set against what he’s pitching. Take the immigration debate, his assault on the first amendment, and his gang of 14 to name a few examples. Not only is he stubborn, he’s a cranky old man. He is old in age, ideas, and temperament. Do we really want a man at the helm of our country that really should be in retirement, enjoying his kids, grand kids, and life time successes? I know Reagan was old in age, but he had a vision for the future, and an understanding of the policies of freedom. McCain is no Reagan; period. His military experience is a plus but we have a ton of generals that will provide excellent guidance to our next Commander in Chief. Lately he has been lying through his teeth about his past votes, policies, and the statements being made by other candidates. He is either lying or forgetful. So he is either deceitful or just old.

Unless things change, we are in for a painful four years of social security recipients screaming for more benefits, Medicare and Medicaid recipients screaming for more, college kids and parents of students screaming for more and the people that make this country strong through their productivity will be asked to provide more of their bounty. I for one have started the conversation with my wife to be prepared for early retirement because I will not be working for the old ideas of socialism. We don’t need to rise up with revolution or violence, as producers all we have to do is stay home and sit on our arses. I feel better now… I think…

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