Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our freedom and experiment in self rule has already failed…

If by some miracle, the founding fathers of our great nation were to rise from the dead, how would they rate our stewardship of the freedom from government oppression, and individual liberty they bestowed upon us some 230 years ago? I’m afraid we would get an F. A big fat F!

I believe they would be heartbroken that many of the protections they thought they outlined in the constitution have been ignored.

They would look at how big the Federal budget is and wonder how the states allowed the 10th amendment to be completely breached. They would wonder how the states went from fighting so hard against a central control, to a complete submission of federal mandates without a revolution.

They would affirm the 2nd amendment did include an individual right to bear arms, and wonder why we didn’t utilize it to stop the federal takeover of power.

They would wonder; where did God go?

They would affirm that Christian principles were intended as the foundation of the first amendment, and that the separation of church and state was only intended to stop the implementation of a National religion. Not to be used to exorcise our religious foundation out of the public square.

They would wonder why the Federal government would have any business in the tobacco we smoke, the healthcare we choose, the retirement we seek, the food we eat, the cars we drive, the schools we seek, and the happiness we pursue.

They would wonder; why don’t the congressmen leave government? You pay them for what and how much? Then they would understand it!

They would wonder why the federal and state governments were mandating curriculum at our schools - but mostly they would be scratching their heads about a mandated curriculum of Global Warming, but no reference to mandating the teaching of our constitution.

They would be puzzled, dismayed, and defeated by what they would continue to uncover. They would wonder where the next revolution would spawn from. They would have to believe there must be a movement afoot to change this oppressive use of government control. For what they would find would be disturbingly similar to what they revolted against.

How could the foundation they laid just 230 years ago be so different from what they died for? How could a nation bestow on a government what is best left up to individuals? How could a nation founded on the spirit of limited government accept unlimited government meddling?

We would receive an F for stewardship of personal freedom and liberty. They would see that compared to other nations in the world, we still speak about the value of freedom. But what we say and what we do are two completely different things.

In their eyes we would have failed simply because we lost the vision of what is truly valuable; our ability to live our lives with limited government interference.

If you don’t believe we would receive a failing grade for our stewardship, you do not understand the principle’s we were founded on. And for that you would get an F. Just a thought…

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Anonymous said...

This is a very accurate description of what the Founding Fathers envisioned and how far our so called political leaders have led us away from this vision The fourth estate has been enabling the politicians by misleading the public into thinking they can't achieve without government's help.