Friday, February 22, 2008

False Hope; Democratic Party Style…

There is a very unhealthy movement happening in America, it’s called the Obama campaign.

His “sermons” promote and promise the “religion” of government:

  • He promises hope is found in the government not the individual.
  • He promises a bright future by renewing faith in the government.
  • He promises to end poverty, ignorance, and divisiveness which requires empowering the government and giving up individual rights.
  • He promises to crush greedy corporations by increasing government regulation and control.
  • He promises if we are willing to sacrifice our individual freedom we can realize a collective utopia.
  • He promises things that sound like paradise but will result in hell.
  • He promises a better future to those willing to believe.
For all of us that don’t believe, will we be free to opt out of utopia? Of course not, because to deliver on these promises all must be forced to believe for the collective good.

It does not surprise me that youngsters are being drawn to the “movement” but adults should know better. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. History tells us that what Obama is promising has been tried and has failed; miserably.

We are seeing a blind trust in someone that is making promises worthy of all of the dictators, kings, and totalitarian leaders of the past. He talks about the future, but his message is one from the past; a very ugly past I might add. Start listening closely and you too will see, we don’t need promises of more from government, we need the government to move aside and let individuals drive hope toward a brighter future for each and every individual American. Just a thought…


Anonymous said...

Let's hope the adults are thinking adults and not just a bunch of thoughtless grown ups looking for easy fixes to problems they face every day. Unfortunately, too many feel they are victims and look to others, especially gov't., to solve their problems. APH

Anonymous said...

This noble conservative vision of the strong individual making place for himself in the world is one to aspire to. However, this is a world of supra-human powers, both in the State and in the Corporation. These powers grow together to consume the world itself. Government's role needs to be one that checks against private power. Exxons and Dow Chemicals and Monsantos and Weyerhausers ought be checked, not loosened.

Human beings on the short end of the stick, steamrolled by circumstances above their ability to self-start, should not be left in the cold.

The noblest man in our culture's canon made and held history by insisting that people do everything, without reserve, to help their fellow human beings. Absolute selflessness is the key to the kingdom, not the economist's rational egoism.

Dismissing out of hand, and outrightly insulting this leader who speaks of exactly that kind of selflessness is a sad position to take. His history of altruism and work on civil rights sits stoically in the face of these charges.

Anonymous said...

Government is certainly not the one to keep all entrepeneurs in check for the good of all. It seems to me Russia under the leadership of Putin took this approach not too long ago, and where is it taking Russia and it's people? I may have taken the comment before this one in the wrong way, but I feel we still have a country where gov"t should allow the free market to work. APH

Anonymous said...

Response to paragraph 1:

When you look back at history what entity has caused the greatest amount of suffering in the world? Government or private enterprise? When you look back on history what entity has done the greatest good in the world? Government or private enterprise?

Response to paragraph 2:

Human beings should not be left out in the cold - that's why you and I are help them! It is not the government's job to help our fellow human beings - it's your job and mine.

Response to paragraph 3:

I agree that selflessness is one of the keys to the kingdom...but are we being selfless when the government takes your money and my money to give it to people they believe "need it"? Not in my book. Selflessness is characterized by people voluntarily helping others - when you are forced to "help" others it is called totalitarianism.

Response to paragraph 4:

It is NOT altruistic for Senator Obama (or anyone else) to pass laws that takes money out of the producer's pockets and give it to the non-producers. Also, and this is an important point - what they are doing is taking from the people who don't vote for them and they give it to the people who will vote for them. Why do these people vote for them? Because they give them money they didn't earn. What Senator Obama is doing it NOT altruism! It is selfishness, self centeredness, and the definition of self-interest!!

Let me make my point clearer - I need you to give my next door neighbor $500 - if you don't I will send you to jail. The reason I'm forcing you to do this is because I'm a nice (altruistic) guy. Based on what you wrote you should consider me to be an altruistic guy just like the Senator! Silly? Of course it is...but so is the logic of your argument.