Friday, January 11, 2008

Ron Paul in the FOX Debate

I was very disappointed in the treatment of Ron Paul at last night’s FOX debate by the panel of questioners. He was treated with disrespect and I think it undermined FOX’s credibility in this presidential race. He was the only candidate where you could hear the contempt in the voice of the person asking the question. I have to say; it was disturbing.

I wish Ron Paul had a different outlook on foreign policy, because when I review many of his positions, he is right on target. He is on target with reduced size of government, scope of government, states’ rights, second amendment, and veteran care, strong support for military bases in this country, and a strong border security, and immigration policy. He is a sitting congressman and deserves respect, just like every other candidate on that stage.

I actually listened closer to Ron Paul because I was so irritated by his treatment from the panel. And if I had to go into a voting booth and only had the choice of Huckabee or Paul, I would choose Paul.

He has an air that he is a bit scattered and unstable, but I think that is because he gets such limited time in front of the media, so when he does, he has to hit all of his key issues. So I’m not sure anymore how “crazy” he is. I have to say, having run for office, and with a plan to run again as an underdog, I empathize with Paul’s situation. I would expect better of FOX and especially the panel that I have always had respect for until last night. They should probably apologize to Paul for their behavior. Just a thought…


Anonymous said...

I believe they wanted to drive him out of the primary by high-lighting his antiquated ideas but looked very unprofessional doing it. I didn't like how the questioning went last night. Fox appeared to have a dog or two in the race, which is why Sen. Thompson finally took the iniative and stated many truths about others and stated his positions more strongly. I felt giving a candidate rebuttal time immediately is wrong, give each one set ammounts of time and if they don't agree w/ what is stated let them use their next allotted time to respond. The spin going on last night, to me, was obvious. APH

Anonymous said...

That is "fair and balance" according to Fox news. The guy who owns Fox, Rupert Murdoch, is not an American. Yet his propagandas and his network agendas were supported by the redneck, flag waving, right wing, neocons. Despite of the obvious attempt of manipulate the voters, Fox news will be success because majority of people were either already brainwashed or stupid to see through the smoke and mirror. There is a massive smear campaign against Ron Paul on the media and the internet right now. People like Ron can never be elected to the high office because he is too TRUTHFUL. Currently, all the major, main stream media (TV, newspapers....) is own by a handful mega corporations. They control the outlet for their own gain, and have enough power to shut anyone up. Yes you still have the freedom to speech but they will not allow anyone to hear or to listen.

YFB said...

I agree that he wasn't treated with respect. And I do think he has some good ideas. BUT I still think he is a nut. Even a stopped clock is correct twice a day.