Friday, January 4, 2008

It’s Illegal Immigration Stup…

Last night was interesting. Some general observations:

· It is amazing how Bill and Hill try to create their own reality as if they didn’t end up in third place. There is a Santa Clause! I didn’t realize how satisfying it would be to see a Clinton lose! My son Taylor pointed out how Bill’s face looked like a tomato compared to the others on stage. We nicknamed him Bob from the veggie tales character Bob the tomato. See politics can be fun for the entire family!

John Edwards is a phony and I am sick of hearing about his "Mill Town" childhood. His house is 26,000 square feet which is probably bigger than the mill. (I do like his wife though)

· Obama proved that we are a colorblind society when the messenger does not play the race card. Mostly white Iowa democrats had no issue voting for a black American. Awesome!

· Mitt is a classy guy and as the economic and illegal immigration debate intensifies, Mitt will be the choice.

· Huckabee is a great orator but something about him feels wrong to me. Not to mention how lenient he has been with felons who commit murder and his promotion in Arkansas of tax payer support for illegal immigrants.

· McCain I did not see. Nor Thompson.

Note: Yesterday Kay Bailey Hutchison put in an amendment to a bill that would gut the 2006 border fence bill that was passed with great expectations from the American people. Didn’t hear about that in the media. Hmmm? President Bush and the other republicans are very quiet on the issue. This is an outrage and she is a TRAITOR of the American people. This is an outrage!!!

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Sheri said...

I only have a minute, so I choose to comment on your Hillary/Bill statements: Cameron has quietly been questioning the Santa Claus thing -- Cameron, Uncle Richie is right! After last night "There is a Santa Clause!" LOL it was worth it just to see the 2 of them up there trying to make like they won something!!!!