Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why They Want Mitt Out…

Have you noticed how Mitt is either being ignored or being encouraged to drop out? It is all Huckabee, McCain, Hillary and Barak, all the time. The media occasionally mentions Rudy’s “failed” strategy to skip the first few races and start “late” in the Florida primary. But the facts don’t support any “momentum” for any candidate.

The voters seem to be split on a number of candidates and for many reasons. But my belief is that the media elites want Mitt out because he is the most viable candidate for the republicans, and the most “lethal” for democrats. The media is going to ratchet up the stories on the “failing” economy as the season progresses, and they are going to blame it on republicans and GW. So if the economy becomes the major issue, barring any terrorist attacks, who is best suited to fix it? Will it be career long politicians or someone that has the experience of building business and managing economic issues? Obviously Mitt’s experience will be very attractive as the economic “catastrophe” that the media is creating comes to fruition.

Huckabee has a really bad record when you look beyond his family values. Mitt competes really well in the family values arena by the way. Huckabee is a tax raiser and big government advocate. As I have said before, if you like President Bush’s spending habits, you will LOVE Huckabee.

John McCain is a grumpy old man with a fantastic military record and a perfect vision for winning Iraq. That would be great if he didn’t vote against the GW tax cuts, infringe on free speech with McCain Finegold, partner with Kennedy on the Amnesty Bill, and form the gang of 17 to stop judicial nominations. Iraq is his only strong issue and it is not enough when you look at his competition. If he is the nominee, I will vote for the Unity Party candidate, same goes for Huckabee. Either one of them sends me packing to the Unity Party candidate, and I believe I speak for many conservative voters. They may not vote Unity, but they will probably stay home. That is good for the democrats.

I can vote for Rudy and Thompson but Thompson will be out within a month, and Rudy has everything riding on Florida, NY, NJ, California, and Illinois. We will see if his strategy works. I think it is one of those strategies that work well on paper but it doesn’t account for the power of the media to “mold” the race and voter perceptions.

So all of you in states that still have primaries to come; don’t count out Mitt or Rudy. And take a really close look at Huckabee beyond his smooth Clinton like (Bill Clinton like) rhetoric. McCain has failed the conservative movement more than any other republican in the Senate today next to Arlen Spector. So let’s make Mitt, Rudy, or Fred viable again, and do to the conventional wisdom of the media, what the polls in NH did for Hillary.

This is our race, not the pundits. Just a thought…

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Your Favorite Brother Kenny said...

You must be a mind reader...I agree with your analysis of the situation.