Thursday, May 17, 2012

Graduation Day!

Wow! All I can say is time flies. It was just yesterday I was holding my boy in my arms in a labor and delivery room in Weymouth MA. I had the honor of cutting the cord. It was the introduction of Taylor Hand into the world. I was a first time proud father!

I was blessed to have two beautiful children that have been a parent’s dream (not perfect but everything is relative). But today is Taylor’s day and Emily will soon have hers! Taylor has been a driven, determined, and a self-reliant person needing very little direction. I sometimes wonder if I had any role in his determination but I will humor myself and believe I did. The fortunate thing is Taylor is more like his Mom than me.  I often would find him studying and working on school projects with little direction. And when it came to math I thank God he was self-reliant because I was useless once he passed 5th grade!

Even this week with his busy schedule of a dozen or so IB finals, a State swim meet championship where he is seeded in the top 8 for backstroke & butterfly, all kinds of school meetings (he is the boys Senate leader for the school), he diligently prepares and carves out time for every event. I can only stand by and be a proud dad. He needs no help from me.

Taylor wants to become a Doctor and I have no doubt if he remains interested he will succeed. He is also an excellent pianist, and videographer and it would not surprise me if at some point he finds a way to include them in his future plans. I only wish him to stay as in love with life and challenges as he is today. As we parents know, life can get bumpy and we need to stay determined and never give up especially in the tough times.

But for today as a Dad I can only say with a tear coming to my eye that I love my boy dearly and could not have asked God for a better son. He is quiet like his dad at times and I respect that. There are times I would like to have longer conversations with him but I get it. I know we share a bond that will not be broken and will only grow stronger as he grows more independent. I love you buddy!

To all of my family and friends that have or are watching their children head off into the world you know the feeling; sad because we will miss their presence but proud because we know they are prepared to face the world and make it a better place.

Today is graduation and we cut another cord. This cord seems a bit harder to cut because we have grown so close. But the world is getting a great addition and I can’t wait to see the results. Congratulations Taylor, all of his classmates, and all of the parents that have made it possible. It is a great day in a long road of many great days to come!!

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