Friday, May 11, 2012

Mitt - it’s Desperation, Stay on Message…

Mitt Romney needs to continue to bring the conversation back to the economy, jobs, and Obama’s dismal record and stay away from issues designed to distract like Gay Marriage and High School “bullying.”

I have to admit that if you went back and looked at my high school record I may have skipped a class or two, and been involved in a few pranks on other students (oh my I am such a bad person). I think the story about Romney’s HS pranks back in 1964 is indicative of a media in the tank for Obama. Do they really think the people are going to care about this issue? It will not resonate unless Romney allows it to.

The Gay marriage issue was handled perfectly by Romney. He simply stated his stand in complete contrast to Obama and ended it there. Perfect! Bringing the discussion back to the economy and leaving the media to find another distraction which they did with the supposed HS pranks. Again, I would say Mitt answered the “charge” and now let’s talk about the economy.

Our economy is tanking again and this president is a spectator. He is not in charge, never has been, and has never had the skill set to do so. People voted for this man on a wing and a prayer trying to rid themselves of some illusion of guilt they have harbored because of past issues of racism. He was given a chance and he blew it. Obama was never qualified and I would go on to say that 90% of the representatives in Congress are not qualified either. The Tea Party has identified that issue and is systematically removing the members that don’t understand the fundamentals of government and business.

It is going to be a long six months as the media digs up every issue and tries like Leslie Sawyer did to make it a “firestorm” which none will be. Mitt has lived a very conservative life and digging up “dirt” on this man will need special fabrication from the media but I suspect they will keep trying to manufacture “firestorms” of controversy. All the while ignoring the important issues that face the nation and the President’s dismal record in either creating them or ignoring them.

My advice to Mitt is to stay on the economy because like you said, “It’s the economy, and we ain’t stupid!”

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